Welcome to SmartHealth Card

An Emergency Health card with complete security carry personal vital details, data on health problems and medications, emergency care data, and pointers to cloud-based medical records for the patient.


SmartHealth Card can save someone’s life! When seconds and minutes matter!

Prompt Health Information

With SmartHealth Card, your emergency health information accessibility becomes immediate providing healthcare workers tools to save life, when seconds and minutes matter!

It is Convenient

SmartHealth Card System is a convenient way to make your emergency personal and health details available on the go.

Reliable Health Data

SmartHealth Card provides accurate patient emergency information when needed minimizing errors associated in healthcare delivery which can be fatal.

  • Wow! What a game changer, this will make cases easier to work on especially, emergency ones. Let’s all embrace it and make work.

    Dr. Cliffs Anabel
    SmartHealth Card Partner
  • This is what we’ve all been waiting for, I can’t believe it is here now.

    Miss Jane Anti
    SmartHealth Card Enthusiast
  • What a remarkable solution! This system is must have for everyone whose health is of prime importance to him or her. It can really save your life.

    Mr. Francis Osei Gyan
    SmartHealth Card User