Tap into the Future

Client: For All Smart Businesses

Task: Business Cards+ with NFC and QR-Code technology

The project was to develop an identification system that will be  used to identify GREPA members. The project seeks to provide:

  • High quality Conqueror® Alive paper

  • Easily program Actions to the embedded NFC chip

  • Trigger digital Actions with a single tap

  • Make smarter, faster connections for your business

Project Executives

Creative direction: D. Adarkwah

Designers: D, Adarkwah, F. Osei-Gyan

Developers: D. Adarkwah

Skills used

Programming 90%
Design 80%
System Integration 70%


  • QR-Code

  • NFC Technology

  • RFID Technology

Our NFC business card service worldwide offering , allow consumers to share portfolios of work, videos and other digital content as well as contact details via NFC, QR-Code


  • Smart-QR-Code-Business-Card-520×385

  • Simplistic-Metro-Business-Card-Template-With-QR-Code-0021

  • 1b488410082b96257e34b5bd09776ab4

  • VIA-Business-Card-520×390

  • transparent-business-cards

  • 30Cheap Plastic Business Cards